One Week to Summer Camp

Keep telling myself I need to build the habit of posting something here every few days, so here’s a little rambling. One week til I head out to Vegas for summer camp. I’m looking forward to it and dreading it all the same. Yeah, I know that’s not the normal answer you’d expect. I’m totally looking forward to catching back up with friends, visiting all the usual haunts, the parties and contests, and of course a bit of education while I’m there. On the flip side, I’ve probably bit off more than I can chew and committed myself to more things than I should have. Quite a few prominent speakers in the community have preached to the message that to grow and build and make our community better, we all have to give back too. It doesn’t work if we all consume but don’t contribute. I completely agree and have made a conscious effort over the last year to try to follow that mantra. So the dreading comment comes in that I’ve volunteered 20 hours of my time. I don’t regret doing it, far from it, it’s just complicating the time I have for everything else going on. So, if you run into me next week, and I seem stressed, just remind me there’s to much to do and we can’t do it all anyway, so chill out.

Stay tuned for some commentary either there or when I return (more likely the later). I’m sure there will be some talks deserving of some mention, plus plenty of new gadgets and stories to tell.