Summer camp wrap up

It’s bittersweet to be home from summer camp. A week of the Vegas lifestyle takes it’s toll. It’s nice to be in my own bed and get more than 3 hours of sleep, but there was still so much I didn’t get to see and do. I volunteered 24 hours and while I don’t regret being able to help give back to the community, it did prohibit the time I had to soak up as much of the con as I have in the past. I missed Elon Musk’s surprise talk in the car hacking village and I’m kinda bummed about that. Hopefully it’ll show up on Youtube. I didn’t even make it into several of the new villages that I had hoped to check out. I did help out with the mobile museum of vintage technology and it seemed to have been well received. They’ve already had several ideas of how to expand and improve it next year and I hope to be involved again. I helped out with skytalks again and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once again the room was too small so I’m sure people were disappointed to miss talks. Hopefully next year with yet again a change of venues we’ll get a larger room. For the first time I also volunteered for BSidesLV. Long overdue for giving back to the mothership and it was a wonderful experience. Part of that time was helping out in the lockpick village, and it’s always great to see the looks of amazement the first time someone picks a padlock or handcuffs.

The star of the show this year though for me was #BadgeLife. I bought a few last year and caught the bug and this year there were easily over 100 pcb’s to choose from. I’ve barely had any time to really even dig into most of the challenges and start digging into the code, but I’m going to try to post some blogs here for some of them after I’ve had time to properly explore them. Several groups I’ve been involved with have floated the idea of producing their own badge, so hopefully next year I can be part of one of the design teams. For now, I’ll just leave you with a picture of most of this years haul.